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Alter your reality

We are one of Canada’s largest VR facilities, conveniently located at the Factory London. With 24 HTC ViveTM headsets, 22 gaming pods, 1 Party Pod and 4,000 square feet to play in, we provide truly immersive virtual reality entertainment. Our ever-expanding game library is updated continuously, ensuring a unique experience each time you visit.

HTC Vive Headset

Cutting Edge VR Technology Creates Fully Immersive Experiences

HTC Vive virtual reality headsets rely on room-scale tracking to allow you to become fully immersed in 3D space. Motion tracking controllers complete your immersion in a virtual environment, granting you a chance to explore new worlds, rise to new challenges and engage with a world of your choosing.


How does a VR Arcade Work?

Experience the limitless world of virtual reality gaming in one of our 22 personal gaming pods! Once your headset is equipped, you’ll be loaded into an immersive virtual interface where you can choose anything from our massive games library. Switch between games as much as you want and play until you find your favourite.

To play with a group, rent our Party Pod and host up to 8 people. Take turns and compete for high scores while friends and family share in the fun by witnessing the action on large wall-mounted TV’s.


Fight off alien attackers, zombie hordes, and fearsome warriors using futuristic weaponry, swords and bows, magic or your bare hands.


Craft a masterpiece with artistic programs that allow you to design stunning works of art in 3-dimensional space.


Explore the Egyptian pyramids, dive deep into the ocean or climb Mount Everest. Tour the world with interactive virtual experiences that will fulfill your wildest dreams.

Achieve Glory

Earn bragging rights and show off your gaming prowess by posting your high scores to see how your skills stack up against friends and competitors from around the globe.


Fly solo or team up with others in local or global multiplayer online games, from sports games to immersive first person shooters.


Expand your mind and test your knowledge by taking on challenging puzzles and engaging in educational experiences covering a broad range of topics.


People at party playing VR games

Let us host your next party or corporate event! Book out our individual pods for your group or throw a VR party in our special Party Pod. What will your adventure be? Book today!

  • Birthday Parties for Kids & Adults
  • Corporate Events & Team Building
  • School Groups


Choose one of our personal gaming pods for 1 to 2 players, or rent our private Party Pod for a group event. Personal Pods are 9x9 and come equipped with 1 headset and a set of motion tracking controllers. At 11x27, our oversized Party Pod comes equipped with 2 headsets and large wall-mounted TV’s so that everyone can share the in-game experience. Our Party Pod is furnished with comfortable modular furniture that you can customize to your liking.

Solo Campaign

Rent a single player 9x9 pod for exclusive access to our massive game library.

  • $15 /30 minutes
  • $25 /1 hour
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Party Pod

Plan a group game night to remember! Up to 8 people can share the experience on 2 headsets in our private Party Pod.

  • $100 /1 hour
  • $150 /2 hours
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Make your next birthday party, corporate event or school trip a fun and memorable experience!

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