Rules & FAQs

Is Virtual Reality for me?

Yes! We offer a wide of experiences for all age groups and interests; there’s something for everyone and we will provide instructions and training on how to use the equipment.

Can I wear eyeglasses?

Yes, our headsets will fit over prescription glasses so you can see clearly in-game.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our 9x9 pods are spacious enough that people who use wheelchairs can experience virtual reality in a fully accessible space.

Do I have to sign a waiver?

No, we do not require a waiver.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, we recommend that children be 8 years of age and up to play virtual reality. Children should also be more than four feet tall to participate.

I’m worried about hygiene, are the headsets clean?

Yes, the headsets are wiped down and sterilized between each customer. We also offer free sanitary masks to wear underneath the headsets if there are still concerns.

Can I bring in snacks or drinks?

No, absolutely no outside food or drinks will be allowed inside of The Next Level (some parties eg. corporate bookings may be exempt from this rule by request).

Do you accept school trips?

Yes! We offer special bookings for class trips that can be geared specifically towards fun and educational VR. If you want more information about the educational games available, request our School Trip Information package. Please call in to book.

Do you accept corporate bookings?

Yes, we offer various exciting team building and corporate party packages for companies looking to try something new.

Are there any risks involved?

You may experience some slight motion sickness or dizziness when playing certain games – in this event, simply remove the headset for a moment to regain your composure.

How early should I arrive prior to my scheduled time?

We recommend that you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session, especially if it’s your first time trying virtual reality.

What if a medical emergency arises at your location?

Our emergency medical partner in the building, Med-On-Site, will be available during all open hours to assist with any medical issues that occur at The Next Level or within The Factory.




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