The Next Level Experience

Have you ever wanted to be an elf that is protecting a town from hordes of orcs with nothing but a bow and arrow at your disposal? Or what about a space pirate? Basketball champion? Well, now you can. The Next Level VR is a virtual reality arcade that lets you get immersed into new worlds and new experiences.


It’s located in Old East Village at The Factory, on Kellogg’s Lane, which means that your night could consist of  hours at the most incredible Virtual Reality arcade, test your skills at an escape room, jump around on a trampoline park, take a break for a delicious cold beer, and then head back for high ropes and zipline fun. If that doesn’t sound like the best way to spend your days off, then you might not know the definition of fun.


Let’s talk about technology. The tech behind VR games is getting more and more mind-blowingly realistic. The Next Level VR is always up on the latest software and the hottest hardware, so that your gaming experience truly is the next level. Through 360 degree motion tracking, your VR encounter is entirely immersive and responsive. You’ll FEEL like your flying or playing ring toss at a county fair. Oh, and if you’ve never experienced falling in a VR game? Well, let’s just say that you won’t believe it until you feel it.


The cool thing about The Next Level VR is that you don’t even have to be a gamer to have the best time at this arcade. Love creating? Imagine using a virtual reality art program that lets you interact with your creations in a way that you’ll never experience on a computer or tablet. How about traveling? You can travel anywhere around the world through VR and experience Pyramids in Egypt or walk through the streets of Tokyo all without ever needing to step foot on a plane.


With over 70 different games, which is the largest selection possible, and the ability to switch between as many games as you want while you’re there, everyone will find something they love playing at The Next Level VR. From sports games and fantasy games to first-person shooters and family-fun games, they have every genre that you can think of, PLUS ones you’d never even think of.


The Next Level VR is even great for learning! Field trips for school, corporate team-building exercises, and bonding during family night: The Next Level VR is more than just a place to hang out with friends or a date. It’s a place where you can discover new worlds, create things, challenge yourself, cooperate with others, and experience an entirely new reality in 360 degrees. It’s a place where you can take your fun to The Next Level.